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Cat Games for iPad

The iPad Game for Cats. Don't buy a regular Cat Toy at the pet store. Get one for your iPad. Cat Games for iPad is the best cat game for your cat on the iPad platform. 9 games for your cat to play with more to come in future updates. You can even tease your cat in the fish game by swiping your finger across the screen to have the fish follow your finger. What is the best cat game for iPad? It is "Cat Games" for iPad.


Customer Reviews

Give me my iPad back, please ★★★★★

by Kimmiotta

We have two cats. The hunter will not even look at this app. The lounger is obsessed with it (and, as a result, the iPad in general). She will dig under it, dig on it, and turn it over when I'm playing a game or reading an ebook. As soon as I turn this game on for her, she starts purring. She'll fall asleep on it, but she also likes playing the game. The fish and mice are her favorite. She also liked the chicken from a previous version. She loves the app. I'd like my iPad back.

My cats love it! ★★★★★
by shane2006 - Version 1.5 - Aug 1, 2012
I let my cats play this all the time and they love it!
This game gets 2 paws up!! ★★★★★
by soy cubiche - Version 1.5 - Jun 27, 2012
My cats have a few iPad cat game apps but this one blows the others out of the water! Now we have to fight over who gets to use the iPad; them or me! Love the charity-tie in as well, as helping out our furry little friends in need is always a good decision!
Cat app ★★★★★
by Lizzie1951 - Version 1.4 - May 22, 2012
My cats love this app. Our new kitten will sit and play with it non stop!
[UK] Brilliant! ★★★★★
by Bezo93 ;-) - Version 1.5 - Sep 4, 2012
My cats absolutely love it! They won't always play with it, but that's just cats - if I take it away, and show it to them again later, they usually play with it the second time. The fish is by far the favourite, and it is so funny watching my kitten playing with it! 

Press Article

Reviewed on the Touch Arcade Podcast Show


25:20 to 29:15

Quotes from the Show

"My cat loves the bug one." -Eli

"Success! This is Working." - Jared

"Who needs to buy a dollar string and ball toy?" -Jared

"I was super jazzed that my car liked it and was entertained for a long while." -Jared