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Zombie Bomb Splode

This mini game has the player dragging around the purple Zombie Bombs in the purple section and the blue Zombie Bombs in the blue section with his/her mouse(PC) finger (iOS).

Many Zombie Bombs appear in this mini game and the more Zombie Bombs put in the right section, the harder the mini game gets with more Zombie Bombs coming out more quickly. If the player puts a purple colored Zombie Bomb in the blue section or a blue Zombie Bomb in the purple section, the other Zombie Bombs of the same color explodes, and reduces your score by the bombs that exploded of that color, it is an automatic Game Over.

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3 distinct areas of play, a favorite game at the arcade or fairgrounds.If you like playing games at the carnival,amusement park, or on the boardwalk; you will love Skee Alley!

  • System Requirements:
  • Intel or AMD Processor 1 Ghz 256 MB RAM (1GM recommended for Vista)
  • 100% DirectX compatible video card with 128 MB video RAM required
  • DirectX 9.0c or higher and March 2009 or newer update for any version