Trouble Shooting your iOS Apps purchased from Big Monk Games

Q: The game starts up then hangs or starts up and crashes after it was installed?

A: First try turning off the device and turning it back on. If that doesn't work try these steps.

This is a common problem with many apps where the iOS device usually needs the memory to be flushed out. Even though they do a good job of cleaning out clutter by themselves, they sometimes needs help. :)

1.Try double clicking the Home button on your device which is your main button that gets you out of apps. Doing so will bring up a small menu on the bottom of all the recent apps that you have been running. Swipe from right to left along that row until you see the app you purchased from Big Monk Games. Tap and hold until it brings up the red dash along the app and  then touch the red dash on the app. That will delete that app out of memory.

If #1 does not work.

2. Turn off your device and turn it back on again. Press and hold the Top power button until you get the Swipe to power off message and the power off. Turn it back on with the same Top button. *Rebooting has cleared the problem for anyone this has happened to.

If #2 does not work.

***Before doing steps 3 and beyond you should sync your device to your computer.***

3.Try deleting the app and reinstalling.

If #3 does not work

4.Repeat #3 but download the app to your computer through itunes then sync to your device.