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TNT Fred Now Available on the App Store


You are in control of Fred. A mechanic who got caught up in some sick game show where he is locked in an arena filled with turrets that are trying to shoot him. The longer you survive , the better your score. Not exactly a good outcome in the end for Fred but at least you can have fun keeping him around as long as possible. Collect and earn coins and you will end up with some food hats on his head. Yes, "food hats", including a doughnut, a cake or a pizza hat. Collect enough and you will even get blast walls to help keep Fred protected for a little longer. Reach the top of the leaderboard with your maneuvering skills. Earn all 11 achievements with your grit and determination. Features: - Fun cartoon style character and environment - Did we say food hats? - Frantic game play - 11 Achievments - No in-app purchases - Goofy but fun concept - Quick controller response for those with twitchy thumbs - Inspirational sequel to our game TNT Penguin


TNT Fred Releases 8/6/16


Purrrfect Sleep for iPhone & iPad




iTunes Link

Use the power of the cat purr to help relax, meditate, nap, or sleep.

Have you ever observed a cat sleeping and found yourself jealous of their anxiety free lifestyle? Well, you are not alone and this is the app for you. Use the Purrrfect Sleep App when you have quiet time, would like to take a nap, are stuck in gridlock traffic, or trying to get a nice deep and restful night sleep. All this without the cat hair, dander, and potential fleas. Purrrfect Sleep is also great for you cat lovers that are traveling or just don't have your furry friend.

I created Purrrfect Sleep when I noticed that my wife, who has General Anxiety Disorder and Insomnia fell asleep like a rock when our cat Ted climbed up on her chest, curled up under her neck fell asleep and purred away. 

Soothing rhythmic cat purring is well known for it´s remarkable therapeutic effect and natural pain relief.

Insomnia has increased in adults as our lives have been more demanding and stressful. Relax and let all your stress purr away.

The purring sound in Purrrfect Sleep gives a stress free atmosphere, soothes and calm your baby to sleep without the potential negative effects of a cat being present with a newborn.

Insomnia can have a negative impact on your health both mentally and physically, and can lower your quality of life.

Cat naps are now an equal opportunity with Purrrfect Sleep


34 Skybox Pack. Unity Asset Store &


Skee Alley for Windows PC $0.99