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Torque Game Builder

Been playing around with Torque Game Builder again. I love how quick you can get something working, even though I have very little experience with TGB. Of all the Development I have done using Torque Projects, TGB probably only takes up 5%. Spurring on ideas of simple iphone games.


"Skee Alley" Play Test is ready for Download.


This is a version of "Skee Alley" we are releasing for free in order to get feedback from everyone. This is Windows only and will likely stay that way. We plan on supporting Mac with the final Demo and Final Release so don't worry all you Apple Fans.

When exiting the game, "Skee Alley" will open your web browser and bring you to a survey. Please fill it out once in order fo us to get the feedback needed to make the game experience as good as possible.

Don't forget to try it with a wired USB Xbox 360 controller if you have one. "Skee Alley" is rumble capable. ;)

Minimum Requirements:

Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 Intel or AMD Processor @ 1 Ghz

256 MB RAM (1GM recommended for Vista)

100% DirectX compatible video card with 128 MB video RAM required

DirectX 9.0c or higher and March 2009 update for any version

Download DirectX March 2009


New Videos and Screenshots of "Skee Alley"

See the new videos and screenshots of Skee Alley in action. See all three areas that you will bw able to play, including, Arcade, Bar/Pub, and Carnival.

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