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"Cat Games" Version 1.2 for iPad Releases to the App Store from Big Monk Games

Big Monk Games, releases update 1.2 for iPad title “Cat Games” for cats. “Cat Games” stimulates feline instincts of hunting and stalking their prey.

Albany, NY, October 12, 2011 --( “Cat Games” version 1.2 features a whole new interface and aesthetic, new backgrounds for the interactive toys and modifications to the object movements. Future updates will involve a revamping of the objects as well as additional objects added.

“Cat Games” can be downloaded from the Apple App Store. Link: Big Monk Games donated $0.25 for every purchase of “Cat Games” in the month of September to their local humane society. “Mohawk & Hudson Humane Society” in Menands, NY.

“Cat Games” for iPad uses the iTorque 2D game engine from Garagegames. Garagegames is a middleware and content provider that developed Torque suite of engines. Available for nearly every platform and specialized separately for 3D and 2D games, Torque is the most licensed engine middleware in the games industry. The Torque community is now home to 150,000+ game developers and artists with additional licensees of more than 200 universities and schools for computer science and game design curricula.

Big Monk Games was founded in July 2009 in Cohoes, New York. Michael Cozzolino is founder and lead programmer/designer. Casual Games is the focus at Big Monk Games. Other products include TNT Penguin and Fortune Destiny for iPhone and Skee Alley for Windows PC. Primary technology used is Torque Game Engines from Garagegames. Big Monk Games donates to local and national pet charities and plans to make arrangements with organizations to donate portions of the profits made on "Cat Games" for iPad.


Cat Games for iPad Update 1.2 submitted for review.

Here are some screens of the update as well as a link to the changes that were made and plans for future updates. Update Info:


New icon

New Backgrounds



Help us give to the animals in our community. 

We at Big Monk Games will be donating $0.25 for every purchase of "Cat Games" for iPad during the month of September 2011 to The Mohawk&Hudson Humane Society in Albany NY. If you or someone you know has a cat and an iPad, point them to our App right here in the App Store. It's a good toy for cats at the price of a regular catnip toy and this helps provide shelter, food and healthcare for our furry friends. Please like and tweet out this message.


Sincerely, Michael Cozzolino

Big Monk Games


Big Monk Games, is proud to release iPad title “Cat Games” for cats on the Apple iPad. 


Press Release "Cat Games" for iPad by Big Monk Games