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TNT Penguin 1.1 update video

New Video of TNT Penguin Update 1.1



TNT Penguin 1.1 update now in App Store

Improved Collision detection of fireballs and updated the background of the play area.  Get in in the App Store.


New screens and hopefully a more polished video to come.


TNT Penguin Available in the App Store

TNT Penguin is now in the App Store. TNT Penguin uses the Torque 2D for iPhone game engine developed from the people at This is our first published game on any platform with more on the way.

TNT Penguin is a simple time waster game for those times you are stuck in a line like the DMV or when you are waiting for your girlfriend to stop trying clothes on at the mall. Penguins, explosives, gibs, and simple game play. What could be wrong with that? Tilt the iPhone or iPod Touch in the direction to keep your dynamite strapped penguin from getting blown to bits by oncoming fireballs. You can also do a quick touch and drag to get him out of tight spots.

Go get it in the App Store




Missed opportunity for laid off game developers?

All too frequently we see these once adored developer studios close a couple years down the line. A good example is Pandemic. I don't know the details on what went wrong but I do know they must have had some talented people there with their pretty good track record. Probably a lot of these people were picked up by other developers which is fine. Everyone needs money. My question is why don't more of these talented people go independent and set their own rules. Smaller pie but you get a bigger piece of that pie. Plus if a group from a once big studio starts up their own thing, they will more than likely be able to get a little press. I believe we are now in a time where you don't need to create your own game engine or even spend $1m on one such as Unreal. There are some real powerful low cost engines such as Torque and Unity. I'm sure there are more. With your talent and hard work, I don't see a reason you guys couldn't start out on your own and publish on Steam or XBox Live Arcade, etc. Remember the big guys think the PC isn't worth it. Take advantage of them all racing to attack the consoles and scoop up the PC market. Have dedicated servers, modding, etc. that PC gamers love and cater to them. They may be a smaller group, but nobody games like PC gamers.


Thoughts on iPad as a developer.

This is based on the announcement. I have yet to download the new SDK.



  • New Platform but will be easy to port from iPhone/iTouch.
  • Wireless without having to get yet another internet access bill.
  • Big enough to display media in high detail yet light and mobile.
  • Very slick and sexy.
  • $499 starting price point.



  • AT&T 3G service? Come on... Biggest complaint is we are stuck with one provider. At least was compromised with fair prices.
  • No Camera. Seems like this would have been perfect to be able to skype or some kind of video conferencing.
  • Not certain this will be as huge as I think/hope it can be. I'm not a consumer buying analyst.
  • Apple's potential continued vagueness on what will qualify an app to be put on the App Store.


Overall I'm excited to see if this can be a "Gold Rush" 2.0 for App developers. Particularly game developers as well as other media creators. I think for the little guy we can't lose either way. If the thing only sells OK then the big guys may be less likely to invest heavily and us little guys can have the market to ourselves. If it sells like gang-busters, we have a huge user base to tap in to.